GOBI Ladder Step Extensions
GOBI Ladder Step Extensions
GOBI Ladder Step Extensions

GOBI Ladder Step Extensions

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If you own a Gobi ladder, you know it’s downright difficult to maneuver feet along the tiny 8 inch ladder rungs. We have the solution! Our ladder step extensions add an additional 5 1/2'” to help accommodate climbing the ladder to access your roof storage. Made of CNC cut 6061-T6 billet aluminum and anodized a satin black, these stand the test of time and abuse along with their stainless steel hardware.

The addition of the outermost ½” opening allows you the added ability to mount trail gear as well, including hi lift jacks, or even shovels and axes (with the use of quick fist mounting solutions).


- 6061-T6 billet aluminum
- Mount accessories to GOBI Ladder

product Specs

Product Specs
- Made in the USA
- Hole for 1/2" bolt on end to mount Hi-Lift jack or other accessories
- Black satin anodized for all-weather use and to match the finish of your ladder
- Tough hardware for all-weather use
- Easy bolt-on installation, no drilling
- Reversible, mount on either side of your ladder

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