Fox Long Travel Suspension
Fox Long Travel Suspension
Fox Long Travel Suspension

Fox Long Travel Suspension

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Our custom longer travel Fox rear suspension package for the 2014+ Jeep Cherokee will increase your rear suspension travel by just over 4 inches bringing you up to a total of 11.5 inches of total rear travel. This ideally is  bringing you into the realm of what you would see with a rear solid axle swap at a fraction of the cost. Our rear suspension package is 100% bolt on and is achieved with our custom designed and machined upper mount for the FOX shock combined with a custom machined eyelet for the lower mount to the knuckle.

Fox suspensions are built to order. We receive base components from Fox, then, along with out custom machining to implement a bolt on solution for your Cherokee, develop your performance upgrade.

Our long travel rear suspension kit will significantly increase the off-road capability of your KL by allowing your to maintain all wheels on the ground in many of the off-camber or high approach situations which would have you on three wheels or sometimes even two wheels with the MFC 2" lifted option. Minimum 2” rear spacer lift is required for installation, can be used with all 1” and 2” Dobinson’s Suspension upgrades and CANNOT be paired with MFC Offroad Disconnects.

Use of the Fox long travel is excellent when combined with a subframe drop. When paired with our subframe drop, you do not need to implement limiting straps, and can use the full extension of the shocks.

*** All Fox upgrades are turn key and require zero modification to your vehicle. MFC does all the customization so you can install effortlessly ***



- 11.5in Travel
- Custom Shock Mounts
- 100% Bolt on

product Specs

Kit includes
- 2x Upper Mounts
- 2x Machined Eyelet
- 2x Fox Shocks

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