Quick Disconnect Sway Bar Links

Quick Disconnect Sway Bar Links

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The suspension for the Cherokee KL platform is a complex, IFS/IRS based design which provides several advantages for on-road situations; however, does create limitations when off-roading - the biggest of which is a lack of wheel travel. Fortunately, the MFC Offroad quick disconnect sway-bar system provides you with a convenient solution to maximize the wheel travel for your 2014 - 2019 Cherokee.

When you disconnect the end links from the sway bar, you let each corner of the Jeep articulate entirely on its own. By doing so, your downward and upward travel of each well increases within the limits of the factory designed deflection since your sway bar is not controlling articulation any more. The disconnect end is a metal to metal attachment and therefore can sometimes cause a low sounding thump at slow speeds going over uneven terrain. At normal speeds this is not heard. Our sway bar links are designed for one handed removal from the attachment point.

NOTE - Disconnects CANNOT be run with the Fox long travel rear suspension. You also CANNOT run disconnected while on the road.

product Specs

Kit Includes
- 2x Front Disconnects
- 2x Rear Disconnects
- 4x Rubber Isolators

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