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MFC Offroad offers Affirm as a payment option to shop now and pay later. 

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How do I get the military discount?

Please send a redacted DD-214, LES or VA benefits card to our email address at MFCOffroad@gmail.com. Once we receive this information and can confirm the name on the paper work/ID matched the PROSPECTIVE order, we will respond back with a promo code to use at checkout that will give you 15% off all MFC Offroad products. This code never expires and has an unlimited amount of uses.

What is the “Pinch Weld Mod” and do I need to do it?

The "Pinch Weld Mod" is a simple, and common modification for the Jeep KL in order to run larger tires. When you upgrade to a larger tire, the pinch weld from the factory can start to rub on the tires especially during suspension compression. This modification simply grinds down the pinch weld so it is less obtrusive and will allow for your tires to have a little extra clearance. Doing this will allow you to run up to a 32" tire.

You can follow this guide to learn more on how to do this modification.

How do I know what drive-line I have?

There are 4 drive-lines for the 2014+ Jeep Cherokee. FWD (Front Wheel Drive), ADI (Active Drive I), ADII (Active Drive II) & Trailhawk. If you are unsure in which drive-line you have on your Cherokee, you can use the image below as a quick way to figure it out.

What is MFC Offroad’s Return Policy?


In order for a return to be accepted please email us with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request with your order number and we will be in contact with you about approving the return if the return meets our Refund Policy criteria listed below.



In stock items:  

- Returns will be accepted up to 1 week after delivery date on unused products. 

- Installed or used products will not be eligible for return. 

- A 15% restocking fee will be applied for returns that are returned in full.

- A 50% restocking fee will be applied for returns that are returned incomplete of all components found with that product(s).

- Customer is responsible for return shipping.

- Depending on workload and return condition of products, it can take up to one calendar month to receive the funds back to your payment source.

Warranty claims:  

- Warranties will be accepted for up to 1 year on electrical and lifetime for all non-electrical parts. Wear items do not carry a warranty.

- Customers are responsible for all shipping charges relative to replacement products. This includes shipping the product back to MFC Offroad and the cost from MFC Offroad to the customer with the new replacement part.

Electrical products:

- Electrical products that have been opened and/or installed cannot be returned.

- Electrical products must be in original, un-opened condition.

Custom & built to order products: 

 - Built to order/custom products cannot be returned or cancelled after placing order.

How can I fit a 32” tire on my platform?

In order to fit 32" tires, you will have to do the "Pinch Weld Mod" and have at least a 2" lift.

To learn more about the Pinch Weld Mod, follow this guide.

Will MFC work with Dobinsons?

Our MFC 2" lift will work in combination with the Dobinsons spring & strut lift, this is often called the MFC + lift.

My rear wheel doesn’t look centered. How do I fix this?

From the factory, FWD and ADI drive lines have the rear wheels slightly off center. As a result to this when you are lifting your Jeep the rear wheels will become even more off center, and can cause rubbing issues. To correct this, on both stock and lifted vehicles, the purchase of our wheel centering kit will line everything back up correctly. 

How do I get more travel out of my front and rear suspension?

Jeep made it incredibly hard for us to figure it out a way to achieve longer travel on the 2014+ Cherokee platform. The unfortunate thing is long travel suspension cannot be done in the front due to the deflection and limiting aspects of the lower control arm mating with the sub-frame. When the tire is off the ground, that's the absolute lowest it will go. 

 But with our engineering and hard work, we were able to squeeze an additional 4 inches of travel out of the rear suspension. Our "Longer Travel" kit will get you the most possible out of the rear suspension utilizing Fox Shocks.

What are your prices listed in?

All prices on our website are displayed in USD, but it’s easy to make a purchase no matter where you live. Orders made outside the United States will be automatically charged in USD, and but you will see the conversion on your bank statement.

If you wish to see our prices in your currency before you make a purchase, you must use a currency converter.