• Returns must be shipped no more than 7 days after delivery date on unused products and a tracking number must be made available to our attention at the time of shipping. 
  • Installed or used products will not be eligible for return. No exceptions. 
  • A 10% restocking fee will be applied for ANY cancellation. 
  • A 20% restocking fee will be applied for any orders shipped and returned back to MFC Offroad in full. This includes all product packaging.
  • A 50% restocking fee will be applied for returns that are returned incomplete of all components found with that product(s).
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping.
  • Depending on workload and condition of returned products it can take up to one calendar month to receive the funds back to your original payment method.


Your order has yet to ship

If you placed your order using Affirm at checkout and a cancellation is requested prior to the item being shipped, 90% of the total charge is eligible to be refunded. This is necessary because Affirm retains their percentage of the sale for facilitating the financing of the product whether it's returned or not. Affirm does not refund this fee to us if an order is canceled.

Your order has already shipped

If you placed your order using Affirm at checkout, and you requested a refund after it’s been shipped and within the return eligibility window, 90% of the original total charge is eligible to be refunded less the applicable 20% restocking fee. This is due to Affirm taking their percentage of the sale for facilitating the financing of the product. Affirm does not refund this fee to us if an order is canceled.


  • Warranties will be accepted for up to 1 year on electrical and lifetime for all non-electrical parts. Wear items do not carry a warranty. All bulbs are considered wear items. 
  • A warranty only covers the original failed item, and not subsequent replacements. 
  • Customers are responsible for all shipping charges relative to replacement products. This includes shipping the product back to MFC Offroad and the cost from MFC Offroad to the customer with the new replacement part.


  • All electrical products that have been opened and/or installed cannot be returned. If the item is defective out of the box, only a replacement will be honored.
  • Electrical products must be in original, un-opened condition.


Built to order and custom products cannot be returned or canceled for a full refund once an order is placed. If cancellation is requested and delivery has yet to occur, the customer is responsible for the cost of all materials purchased by MFC Offroad. MFC Offroad buys materials to create the built to order product(s) immediately after the order is placed. The customer is responsible for a 50% surcharge fee relative to this. THE REMAINING 50% WILL BE LEFT AS STORE CREDIT. This fee is directly related to MFC Offroad having to buy all the materials for the built to order product and any labor associated with production, fabrication, or fulfillment of the order. The customer agrees to waive their rights to a full refund at the time of purchase. MFC Offroad will not negotiate our right to hold customers accountable for the terms and conditions of purchase. All customers must check the box at checkout that says "I've read and accept the TERMS & CONDITIONS of purchase and the SHIPPING and CANCELLATION policies."

Products subject to this policy include: All Dobinsons suspension related products including MFC+ 3" Lift Kits, Beadlock & Sim-U Lock Wheels, Hybrid Bumper, Pre-Runner Bumper, Utili-Rack Roof Rack, all custom orders.  


Raw material shortages are causing delays to many orders. We are doing the best we can to work with our suppliers in order to get both your "pick and pack"    items and your made-to-order products fabricated and shipped as quickly as possible. We will not be issuing refunds because orders are delayed due to material shortages.


Cases Opened Due to Shipping/Material Delay:

If a chargeback or dispute is opened due to not receiving a product, during which, it is still within the advertised timeframe for MFC Offroad to ship the product, the customer will be 100% responsible for covering any-and-all fees incurred in the course of reaching a case resolution.
Example: Customer purchases product X. During checkout, the customer declines expedited processing and agrees to the MFC Offroad shipping, terms and conditions policy where it states current lead times to expect MFC Offroad to ship their product. Customer opens a chargeback X business days after ordering stating the reason is due to not receiving any shipping information or the product. If the advertised shipping window is still open, and the customer is prematurely falsifying a chargeback after their acknowledgment and agreement to the MFC Offroad shipping policy, which is agreed to at checkout and emailed to the customer as a reminder 72 hours after purchase, they will be responsible for the fees associated with the case due to their negligence.


To avoid incurring the 20% restocking fee, requests for order cancellations and/or refunds must be made over the phoneby calling1-833-MFCOFRD and choosing opt. 3. Our Customer Care Representatives are unable to immediately address customer service tickets submitted through our website–we strive to respond within 24-48 hours. A quick phone call is the only means by which we can take immediate action to interrupt the shipping process.