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Shipping POLICY


I placed my order. What happens now?  

If you included a valid email address during checkout, a confirmation email will be sent to you to be able to track the progress of your order. 

I received an email showing a label was created. Now what happens?

We create a label for an order prior to it being boxed. This gives our fulfillment team the ability to take that information to the shipping department and process it further. Once boxed up, it is set in the carrier pickup queue. 

How long does it take for non made-to-order products to ship?

On average, once an order is placed, it can take 5-7 business days for processing to occur. Once either fabrication is complete or you're near the front of the fulfillment queue a label will be printed and your order will be sent to fulfillment. From there, it will be boxed up and then handed off to one of our carriers. However, due to current workload and order volume most orders are taking up to an average of 3 weeks to ship. We ask if you have yet to receive any updates after the third week, to reach out to us to ensure we are handling your order as fast as we possibly can.

How long does it take for custom and made-to-order products to ship?

Material costs, material availability, vendor product availability and fulfillment times, fabrication workload, and supply chain efficiency all affect fulfillment times for custom and made-to-order MFC products. It takes between three and five business days for processing to occur. Orders then enter the fulfillment queue which typically takes between 6-20 weeks. Once products clear fabrication our shipping department will make the label and then send the order to fulfillment. From there, it will be boxed up and then handled by our carriers. Customers are encouraged to reach out to us to ensure we are handling your order as fast as humanly possible if an order was placed more than 16 weeks prior. Reaching out by phone is the best source of communication.

What carriers do you use?

For 95% of our product line we ship with USPS. The larger items will ship either UPS or FedEx or via LTL if purchasing our bumpers. Please note that all UPS and FedEx packages are picked up once a week with our carrier plan and this occurs every Wednesday. All large package pricing is based for the lower 48 domestic locations. If you are located out of this area and want to order a larger item ( Pre-runner bumper, Dobinson's suspension or MFC+ kit) please inquire on the contact us page. If not, we will send a digital invoice for the remaining balance of shipping.

What is Split Shipping?

When you authorize us to Split Ship you are giving us permission to process and ship the products that we have in stock first then the items that are out of stock immediately upon availability. 

My item has shown that a label has been created and that it is still waiting for pickup. It is beyond the time window you mentioned above. What is going on?

Rest assured we have your order ready for processing and packaging. Our workloads only allow us to process on average 20 orders per day without it affecting the daily routines of product manufacturing, paperwork, phone calls and emails. Please give us a call so we can make sure if there is a necessary rush for your order we can attend to it.

Holidays & Sale Events

During sale events and Holidays, please be aware processing can be delayed due to the volume of orders we receive. Wait times during peak sale events usually add 2 weeks to our standard order processing. Peak sale events are Memorial Day, Labor Day and Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Are you affected by the materials shortages? 

Yes. We're not insulated from the same delays and shortages of raw materials faced by companies all over the country. We've taken significant steps with our suppliers to mitigate the delays but are still faced with allocation issues. Please be patient as we are doing the best we can to get both our smaller items and large, made-to-order products fabricated and shipped as quickly as possible. We will not be issuing refunds because orders are delayed due to material shortages. 


What it is

MFC Offroad now offers expedited processing of orders for many of our most popular items. This means that orders of NON made-to-order products that are in stock at our warehouse at the time of your order will be processed and packed for shipping the next business day. By choosing expedited processing your order is bumped to the top of the fulfillment queue bypassing the standard (up to) three week waiting period for processing and shipping.

It should go without saying but the following built to order products are ineligible for Expedited Processing: 

Products that require a vendor purchase order – MFC+ 3” Lift Kit, AD1/AD2/Trailhawk Dobinsons Lift Kit, Fox Long Travel Suspension.

In-house fabrication products – Hybrid Tubular Bumper, Pre-Runner Bumper, Beadlock and Sim-u-Lock Wheels, Utili-Rack.

What it isn't

Expedited Order Processing does NOT mean expedited delivery. Orders will still be subject to carrier shipping times and our carrier pickup schedule (typically 2x per week) and additional pickups are not being added at this time. Your order will however always be ready for the next scheduled carrier pickup. 

Additional Information

Split Shipment Notice

If your order contains multiple items all available in stock items will be processed the next business day. Out of stock items will be shipped immediately upon availability.

Refunds & Cancellations Notice

If you choose to return or cancel your order, you waive your right to recover the expedited processing fee.

Expedited Processing Fee Refund

In the event none of the items in your order are in stock and we have nothing to expedite then we will gladly issue you a refund.

Legal Disclaimer