3in 17,500lb Snatch Tow Strap
3in 17,500lb Snatch Tow Strap

product overview

- 3in Wide
- 30ft Total Length
- 17,500 Weight Rating
- 22% Stretch Factor


Dobinsons 4×4 Snatch Straps are all rated to their listed capacity, and offer a 22% Stretch Factor. The strap will store kinetic energy exerted on it, making it up to 22% longer than normal (36ft max) and then use that force to help pull the stuck vehicle out. Each strap features a Sliding Protective Sleeve to prevent the strap from being cut, rendering it unusable.


- Width: 3in
- Length: 30ft
- Weight Rating: 17,500lbs
- Stretch Factor: 22%

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