Dobinsons 12V Portable Air Compressor
Dobinsons 12V Portable Air Compressor
Dobinsons 12V Portable Air Compressor

Dobinsons 12V Portable Air Compressor

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This thermal overload protected portable tire inflator is capable of pressures up to 150 PSI and can be operated for up to 40 minutes at a time before needing to be rested (at up to 40 PSI). The 4x4 12V High Output Portable Air Compressor comes with a close-ended gas station-style air gun for added convenience. Everything you need stored in a neat and compact bag making it easy to store or keep in your Jeep Cherokee. Compressors that use a cigarette lighter plug will rarely get you the performance that you need, as most factory 12V cigarette outlets can’t handle the power draw required for an air compressor to give you true performance but the Dobinsons 4×4 High Output Portable Air Compressor utilizes alligator clamps to connect directly to your vehicles battery (leave vehicle running for maximum performance). This product is easy to use on any vehicle, trailer, RV, motorcycle, or anywhere a 12V automotive battery can be reached.

✔ 12 Volt, Heavy Duty
✔ Thermal Overload Protection
✔ Air Flow: 72L/min – Maximum Pressure: 150 psi
✔ Single 40mm Piston
✔ In-Line Pressure Gauge and Fuse
✔ Rubber Anti-Vibration Feet
✔ Hi-Temp 7.5m P.A Air Hose
✔ Quick Release Tyre Chuck
✔ Removable Air Filters


• Thermal Overload Protector
• 12V Heavy Duty Direct-to-Battery
• Rubber Anti-Vibration Feet
• Removable Base for Permanent Mounting

product Specs

• Air Compressor
• 5m PU Hose
• 2.4m Power Cable with Battery Clips
• 3 Nozzle Adaptors
• Carrying Bag

• 12V
• Permanent Magnetic Motor
• Max Working Pressure: 150psi
• Net Weight: 10.70 lbs.

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