2014-2020 Jeep Cherokee AD1/AD2/Trailhawk Dobinsons Lift Kit
2014-2020 Jeep Cherokee AD1/AD2/Trailhawk Dobinsons Lift Kit2014-2020 Jeep Cherokee AD1/AD2/Trailhawk Dobinsons Lift Kit

*Market adjustment pricing in effect 1/1/2022

product overview

- Complete suspension replacement
- Standard or HD spring options


Dobinsons offers a complete suspension system for the 2014 to 2020 Jeep Cherokee 4×4 models. Active Drive 2 and Trailhawk lifts 1.25″ in the front and 1.0″ in the rear. Active Drive 1 models lift 2″ in the front, and 2″ in the rear with complete configuration of Standard or HD springs depending on your specific needs.




Standard Spring - Best for every day use and occasional loads while off-roading and camping, no accessories such as winch, tubular  front bumper, or rear tire carrier mounted. Use of these springs with constant heavy loads may result in bottoming out due to full spring compression.

HD Springs - Best for overland setups with additional weight at all times from winch, tubular front bumper and rear build outs. Constant front load of 125-250 lbs and rear load of 275-550lbs, use of these springs without constant loads may result in poor/stiff ride quality.


Please specify your desired configuration (Driveline + Springs) when ordering, if you do not know what driveline you have please refer to our FAQ for a quick reference guide.


Kit Includes:
- 2x Front Shocks
- 2x Front Springs
- 2x Rear Shocks
- 2x Rear Springs

Lift Specs:
- Trailhawk lifts 1.25″ front and 1.0″ rear.
- Sport models lift 2″ front, and 2″ rear.

Order Processing

For detailed information regarding processing times and delivery windows please see our Shipping Policy.

Due to extremely high demand, fabrication time and the export processes from Dobinsons Melbourne Australia facility, current lead time is 90-120 days. Order today and secure your place in line!


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