MFC+ 3
MFC+ 3MFC+ 3MFC+ 3

Product Overview

MFC Offroad now proudly offers the only aftermarket 3” lift combination for Trailhawk and Latitude Cherokees with the Active Drive II system. Designed by MFC Offroad using  the Dobinson’s 1” shocks and springs lift kit, the MFC Offroad 2” lift kit, and our developed technique for camber correction, you can run the highest lift tested and qualified for these extremely capable Jeeps.




Save $100 over buying the two kits separately, and includes the rear wheel centering kit for free.


If you do not know what driveline you have please refer to our FAQ for a quick reference guide.


Available in both a core components kit and complete package utilizing new shock boots, rubber spring retainers and OEM top hats, you have the choice of swapping over the components already installed in your suspension, or upgrade to brand new OEM components. Disclaimer: FWD and AD1 can lift a max of 2”over stock. AD2 and Trailhawk can lift a max of 3”. Anything more will absolutely destroy the drive train, CV’s and boots, along with removing any chance of getting your vehicle back into alignment.
Kit Includes:
- 2x Front Shocks
- 2x Front Springs
- 2x Rear Shocks
- 2x Rear Springs
- 4 adjustable billet aluminum front strut spacers
- 2 billet aluminum rear spring spacers
- Brake line, ABS line and speed sensor line relocation brackets
- Rear Wheel Centering Kit

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