OEM+ HID Headlamp Upgrade
OEM+ HID Headlamp UpgradeOEM+ HID Headlamp UpgradeOEM+ HID Headlamp UpgradeOEM+ HID Headlamp Upgrade

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The MFC Offroad Can-bus HID kit is built on our proven technology to bring you an even more stable HID Kit that is compatible with the Jeep Cherokee KL Can-bus system and provides increased longevity and performance. This HID kit will produce over four times the output of your standard 55W halogen bulb. This OEM+ HID upgrade will produce over 4000 lumens measured at 50ft, more than four times that of an LED bulb upgrade and incorporate a universal bulb mounting system for the different bulb styles depending on model year. These are ERROR FREE and cause ZERO BULB ERRORS ON THE EVIC SCREEN!!!!


2 x HID Ballasts
2 x HID Bulbs


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