Rear Wheel Centering Kit
Rear Wheel Centering Kit

After lifting your Cherokee, you may find that the rear wheels have moved forward just a bit. This is due to the 3 link design of the Cherokee’s rear suspension, and because the trailing arms are non-adjustable. As you lift your rear suspension, the wheels move forward. The solution, is a simple one, this wheel centering kit. By placing these in between the trailing arms and the body of their corresponding bolts, you are able to counteract the forward positioning effect
It is advised to purchase these spacers if your Cherokee is FWD or ADI or if you are changing your tire size larger. When lifting the rear with ADII or Trailhawk models, these still can be used especially when doing the MFC+ lift (Combination of MFC and Dobinson's). Made of the same aluminum as all of our parts, these are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Coated satin black, they match the underside of your Jeep perfectly.

If you are unsure of what model or drive type you have, please refer to our FAQ.
Kit Includes
- 2 Spacers

Product Specs
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Finish: Anodized Black

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