Relocation Brackets
Relocation BracketsRelocation Brackets

Product Overview

When lifting your KL you run the risk of changing the positioning of the brake line and ABS/Speed sensor wiring. When the knuckle is dropped these lines become very tight in the factory brackets. Since the brake line has little play after the drop, it can pop out unexpectedly and rub against your tire. With the MFC relocation brackets, your lines stay true to the factory positioning. We are the only ones who do this, and we do not recommend using zip ties or any other unsecure method as a solution.

NOTE: This kit comes standard with all new lift MFC lift kits.

Zip ties, random string, or just letting them hang; these are all the WRONG way to handle your Brake Lines & ABS/Speed Sensor lines after lifting your KL. With our kit, your lines will be secure and out of the way from rubbing on your tire. In addition to them being secure, it will allow for factory spec positioning and amount of slack in the line to ensure you don't damage these lines and put your safety at risk.
Kit includes
- 4 Relocation Brackets
- Hardware

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