Utili-Key - MFC Offroad

product overview

The world changed overnight. MFC Offroad adapted. By using our device, you remove all interaction you would otherwise have had using your hands.

Made 100% in the USA with USA sourced brass 260 alloy.
Antimicrobial and antiviral



  • Complies with ADA regulations for being able to push and pull all door handles with the front end design. 
  • The only design that can turn round door knobs. 
  • Knurled stylus grip for signing resistive touch screens. 
  • Easily open all massively touched food store cold refrigeration doors. 
  • Knurled edges allow you to grip around a door locking mechanism and either lock or unlock it. 
  • No longer touch credit card machines and press buttons for all Debit and ATM transactions. 
  • The uses are endless for an EDC (every day carry) so carry some closure. 
  • Free MFC Keychain included


260 brass is antimicrobial and antiviral. Viruses and bacteria start to deactivate once on it. This is the basis for shutting down the argument when someone says that you are simply putting a contaminated brass key in your pocket. 


*There are many options for these out there and we take no claim at being the first. We take claim at innovating a design to MFC standards.


- 1"x4.25"

- USA sourced brass 260 alloy

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